Old Richter’s Ghost

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In this chilling episode of MountainLore, we delve deep into the eerie tales of western Pennsylvania as we recount a story that’s lingered in the whispers of the hills for over a century. We venture to a forsaken square frame house nestled in the mountains—a house that now stands forlorn, its glory days long past.  

In 1886, this house was abuzz with the life of woodsmen, but among them was an enigmatic old German man named Richter, whose past was as shadowy as the nights that terrorized him. His nightly wails and frantic cries for light painted a haunting picture that the woodsmen learned to endure as part of their stay.   Gather ’round as we unravel the tale of old Richter and his haunted. A tale that ensures the old farmhouse remains not just a structure, but a sentinel of the spectral legends of Appalachia.

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