The Okolona Road Exit

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Interstate 26 between Johnson City and Erwin, in Tennessee, is the location for a modern-day folktale.

The story goes like this:

Many years ago there was a couple traveling along the highway that would become I-26. They left the highway at the exit to Okolona Road when their car broke down. The man decided he needed to get back on the highway so that someone would take them to a service station.
He got out of the car and started pushing it back up to the highway where it could be seen. As he was almost there, a tractor-trailer came flying up out of nowhere, destroying the car and killing the couple instantly.

Since that day, it’s said that anyone who takes the Okolona Road exit can experience something quite miraculous.
if you come down the exit, so the story goes, you can stop, put your car in neutral, and it’s said that it will roll backwards up the hill, as if someone is pushing.

Many say that while this is true, it’s not because of the supernatural, but because the exit, unlike other exits, runs slightly uphill as you exit the interstate.

Which is the real explanation? You decide!

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