Haints in the Holler

We’ve been away for a spell, but we’re back with a new tale and a new release date, Monday evenings!

In this episode of MountainLore, we share the eerie tale of a remote holler, where a widower’s new wife harbored a dark secret, one that chilled the entire community to its bones as restless spirits returned to seek justice, haunting the community with bone-chilling cries and unearthly wails.  

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Sweet dreams, podcast listeners…


The Ghost of Gamble’s Run

Venture with us into the heart of Appalachia, to a place where the whispers of the past speak of betrayal and justice—a justice that may tarry but never falters. In this episode of MountainLore, we unearth the haunting tale of John Gamble, a master craftsman whose destiny was forever altered by the sinister deeds of those he trusted.

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Sweet dreams, podcast listeners.