The Log Cabin Ghosts

There’s nothing like a rustic log cabin nestled in a picturesque Appalachian valley. Folks dream of having such a place in which to live.

What they don’t realize is that in some cases those dreams can become nightmares.

Today we tell that tale.

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Sweet dreams, podcast listeners…

The Mysterious Ghost Rider of Southwest Virginia

Today’s story comes from a listener, who remembered the bare bones of this tale but not the entire story. We’ve taken that “ghost” of a story (about a ghost) and put together the tale you’ll hear in this episode.

It’s the story of the mysterious ghost rider of southwest Virginia, another tale from Appalachia.

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Sweet dreams, podcast listeners…

The Headless Hobo

During the Great Depression, times were hard. Many men were forced to take to the road to find any kind of work or handout they could get, just to survive. These men, or “hobos,” as they were called, road the rails across the country and were a common sight in Appalachia.

Today, in a repeat of a story we told in 2020, we again bring you the tale of a “hobo” ghost, still looking for a handout after crossing over to the great beyond.

Sweet dreams, podcast listeners…

Haunted Droop Mountain

The final battle of the Civil War in West Virginia was fought at Droop Mountain. Apparently, the spirits of many of the fallen soldiers, North and South, remain on that beautiful mountain to this day, as we’ll tell you in today’s podcast episode.

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Whispers From The Haunted Lovell House

Somewhere in Scott County, Virginia, is an old house, abandoned since the death of a mother at childbirth. Listen closely, though, and you might hear the sound of a ghostly hammer coming from the kitchen.

Today we tell the story of the ghostly whispers from the haunted Lovell house.

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The Spirit Hog

Many years ago a young man undertook a trip by foot through the mountains to visit relatives in a remote part of Appalachia. One night, after he had set up camp, he encountered more than he bargained for.

Today we tell the tale of the Spirit Hog.

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The Skeleton In The Cabin

A young man was seeking solitude so, as many people have been doing the last few years, he began to search for some inexpensive real estate in Appalachia. He found his dream place, an old cabin high up in the mountains, away from the cares of the world.

He also found death staring him, quite literally, in the face.

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As always, sweet dreams, podcast listeners.