The Devil Dog and the Broken Toe

Many years ago, it’s said, a man who lived up between Norton and Pound, Virginia, was surprised by a strange dog standing in his kitchen when he returned home one night. That encounter led to not only a broken toe but to a neverending search which consumed this man for the rest of his life.

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The Running Rattlesnake of Bear Creek

Once upon a time a man, Brother Johnny as he was known, decided to throw a party, with moonshine being part of the festivities. Brother Johnny invited several friends to this get together, including a young man and his wife from over the mountain. This couple took off for Brother Johnny’s place and rode for hours, until they stopped at a farm along the way.

That stopover led to the wife having more excitement than she’d had in all the rest of her life.

Today we tell that tale.

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What, dear listeners, has wooly fur, goat horns and a naked possum tail?

A critter/cryptid known as the White Thing, or, as we’d prefer to call it, the Sheepsquatch.

Join us as we tell the tale of this mysterious being!

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The Deer And The Fawn

Once upon a time, as some folks would say, a farmer had made the acquaintance of a woman and her young daughter. At the same time, wild animals were eating everything in his garden and he was determined to stop it.

That’s when things went terribly wrong.

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