The Bewitched Chestnut Tree

There’s an old story from the mountains of southwest Virginia about a witch named Bill Boggs. It was said that Boggs got his powers from a chestnut tree on top of a ridge, and around this tree was a zone of death in which no plant nor animal could live. One old farmer decided to rid that ridge of the cursed tree.

Things did not go well, at least not at first.

That, friends, is our story for today.

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The Murder Of Mother Boggs

This week we have a true story about a West Virginia man tried for murdering an old woman who he claimed had “witched” him, forcing him to fly her to the moon, among other things.

It’s a fascinating look at the beliefs of the time about witches in that part or Appalachia.

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The Black Cat

Many years ago in the mountains of North Carolina, it’s said an old woman who lived by herself in a cabin had the power to turn herself into an evil black cat.

Today we tell that tale.

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